Module I. M&A Basics and Transaction Practice

Course Overview


This module serves as the foundational step in the following comprehensive series designed to master M&A transaction practices.
  • Module I. M&A Basics and Transaction Practice
  • Module II. M&A Due Diligence
  • Module III. Acquisition Finance and LBO structuring
  • Module IV. PMI Planning, Execution, and Value-Up Strategy
  • Separate course. Investment Valuation
Content Overview
Module I, comprising 5 sections, delves into the core elements of M&A. Each chapter breaks down specific areas, providing a clear and structured learning path.
  1. Understanding M&A and its Types
    • This chapter provides an introduction to M&A, explaining the basics of mergers and acquisitions, asset acquisitions, divestitures, and joint ventures. It sets the groundwork for understanding the various forms and uses of M&A transactions.
  2. Planning M&A Strategies
    • Here, learners are introduced to the strategic framework of M&A. It covers building M&A strategies and exploring different types such as horizontal, vertical, conglomerate, and concentric strategies. This chapter also includes practical approaches and case studies, enhancing the understanding of strategy building.
  3. M&A Transaction Process
    • This chapter focuses on the practical aspects of M&A transactions, including both sell-side and buy-side processes. It discusses the formation of an M&A task force and the role of investment banking advisors, along with strategies for deal sourcing.
  4. Negotiation and Agreements
    • Negotiation skills and understanding agreements are vital in M&A. This section covers strategies for price negotiation, the structure of the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA), and key contractual terms, including risks, transaction security, and price determination.
  5. Crossborder M&A Transactions
    • Addressing the complexities of cross-border M&A, this section explores regulatory, legal, financial, tax, HR, and cultural considerations. It’s crucial for understanding the global aspect of M&A transactions.
Case Studies
To enhance theoretical knowledge with practical insights, Module I incorporates 27 case studies. These include notable examples:
  • Disney’s acquisition of Marvel
  • Facebook and WhatsApp merger
  • the Kraft and Heinz merger
  • Google’s acquisition of Android
  • KKR’s acquisition of Upfield
  • eBay’s PayPal spin-off
  • Joint venture between Microsoft and GE
These cases serve to illustrate the real-world application of concepts covered in the module.

Key Detail


● 27 lessons, each with a quiz.
● Avg. 13min/lesson, Total 350min.
● Each quiz: 6-10 questions.


● Avg. 70 min/lesson with reviews.
● Total: Approx. 35 hours.
● Finish in 6 weeks at 6 hrs/week.


● Complete 27 lessons in 3 months.
● Min. 70% on each quiz.
● Earn Module I certificate.

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  • Infographic-style materials available for each lesson.

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How to Study?

  • Videos are annotated for effective note-taking.
  • Listen, take notes, and ensure full comprehension before attempting each quiz.

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  • Quizzes typically range from 6 to 10 questions.
  • Quiz difficulty levels: Easy (2 points), Medium (3 points), Hard (4 points).
  • Required passing score: 70% on each quiz.
  • Don't worry. You can retake quizzes multiple times.

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Course Content

Section I: Understanding M&A and its Types

Section II: How to plan M&A strategies
Section III: M&A Transaction Process
Section VI: Negotiation and Agreements
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