Course Overview


Module II focuses on the intricacies of M&A Due Diligence, offering detailed insights into preparation, types, and practical exercises.

  • Module I. M&A Basics and Transaction Practice
  • Module II. M&A Due Diligence
  • Module III. Acquisition Finance and LBO structuring
  • Module IV. PMI Planning, Execution, and Value-Up Strategy
  • Separate course. Investment Valuation
Content Overview

Module II, covering 6 detailed sections, explores the comprehensive aspects of M&A Due Diligence. Each chapter delves into distinct due diligence areas, providing a thorough and practical learning journey.

  1. Preparation for M&A Due Diligence
    • This section introduces M&A Due Diligence, focusing on its preparation, data rooms, DD risk mitigation, and working with advisors. It lays the foundation for conducting effective due diligence in M&A transactions.
  2. CDD, Tech DD, and IT DD
    • Here, learners delve into Commercial, Technology, and IT Due Diligence. The section covers conducting CDD, writing reports, and understanding the nuances of technology and IT in due diligence.
  3. FDD and Tax DD
    • This part focuses on Financial, Tax, and Pension Due Diligence. It includes basic practices, report writing, and essential aspects of tax due diligence in M&A scenarios.
  4. LDD, IP DD, and Regulation DD
    • This section examines Legal, Intellectual Property, and Regulatory Due Diligence. It covers practical approaches, environmental considerations, and anti-trust issues, essential for legal and regulatory compliance.
  5. HDD, Culture DD, and Pension DD
    • Addressing Human Resources, Cultural, and Management Due Diligence, this part delves into HR practices, management assessment, and the impact of culture in M&A due diligence.
  6. Due Diligence Case Exercise
    • Concluding with a practical case exercise, this section allows learners to apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios, covering areas like CDD, TDD, HDD, FDD, and LDD.
Case Studies

To enhance theoretical knowledge with practical insights, Module I incorporates 27 case studies.
These include notable examples:

  • Disney’s acquisition of Marvel
  • Facebook and WhatsApp merger
  • the Kraft and Heinz merger
  • Google’s acquisition of Android
  • KKR’s acquisition of Upfield
  • eBay’s PayPal spin-off
  • Joint venture between Microsoft and GE

These cases serve to illustrate the real-world application of concepts covered in the module.

Key Detail


● 21 lessons, each with a quiz.
● Avg. 14min/lesson, Total 296min.
● Each quiz: 6-10 questions.


● Avg. 90 min/lesson with reviews.
● Total: Approx. 32 hours.
● Finish in 5~6 weeks at 6 hrs/week.


● Complete 21 lessons in 3 months.
● Min. 70% on each quiz.
● Earn Module II certificate.

Material Download

  • Infographic-style materials available for each lesson.

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  • Download by clicking 'Lesson PDF' in the Materials section.

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How to Study?

  • Videos are annotated for effective note-taking.
  • Listen, take notes, and ensure full comprehension before attempting each quiz.

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  • Quizzes typically range from 6 to 10 questions.
  • Quiz difficulty levels: Easy (2 points), Medium (3 points), Hard (4 points).
  • Required passing score: 70% on each quiz.
  • Don't worry. You can retake quizzes multiple times.

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Course Content

Section VI. Preparation for M&A Due Diligence (DD)

Section VII. Comercial, Technoloty, IT, and Production DD
Section VIII. Financial, Tax, and Pension DD
Section IX. Legal, IP, Antitrust, and Environmental DD
Section X. HR, Culture, and Executive DD
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