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financial due diligence
2. M&A Due Diligence

Financial Due Diligence: 5 Must-Know Basic Practices

Introduction to Financial Due Diligence Financial due diligence is one of the most important aspects of M&A DD. It is more than just investigating financial records. It also

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Our M&A online courses reflect the wealth of M&A practice and offline education experience.

Crafted by M&A experts who have worked on both the buy-side and sell-side, our courses deliver a comprehensive understanding of the field.

MAI enables you to learn M&A through immersive simulations like the real market.

Each topic introduces a practical theory, which is then applied through case studies and quizzes, guiding you to devise solutions for real-world scenarios.

Start your journey to become an M&A expert with our comprehensive curriculum.

We cover everything from M&A transactions, acquisition finance, investment valuation, and company analysis to PMI and value-up strategies in detail.

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MAI - M&A Online Courses

Our clear learning pathway is designed to nurture and produce M&A Specialists.

Module II. M&A Due Diligence

Delve into the intricacies of M&A with our Due Diligence module, covering legal, financial, and commercial scrutiny essentials.

Module III. Acquisition Finance and LBO structuring

Master the art of deal-making with the MAI's in-depth exploration of advanced acquisition finance and LBO structuring for the M&A expert.

Module IV. PMI Planning and Value-Up Strategy

Navigate the complexities of M&A with our in-depth course on PMI intricacies, operational synergies, and strategic value enhancement.

Course: Investment Valuation

Unlock financial acumen with our comprehensive course, spanning M&A valuation intricacies, rigorous FS analysis, DCF, CCA, and real-world application.

Course: Private Equity Investment

Navigate the intricacies of PEF Management, encompassing fund structure, investment strategies, and portfolio governance for discerning professionals.

What to Expect with MAI

DCF Excel Modelling

Master the art of financial valuation with hands-on DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) Excel modelling exercises.

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Rich Case Studies

Dive into rich and immersive case studies that bring real-world M&A scenarios to life, providing practical learning experiences.

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Due Diligence Report

Gain expertise in conducting thorough due diligence processes, enabling you to evaluate potential risks and opportunities in M&A deals.

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Quiz on all topics

Test your knowledge and understanding with comprehensive quizzes covering all course topics, reinforcing your learning and facilitating self-assessment.

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Recognised Certification

Earn a credible certification upon course completion, validating your knowledge and expertise in M&A, bolstering your professional credentials.

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