Meet the MAI Team

Who is the MAI team?

Our dedicated professionals bring together a unique blend of academic and industry expertise to deliver comprehensive, easy-to-understand, and practical finance courses. With distinguished qualifications such as an MBA and CFA certification and specialisations in Finance and International Business, the MAI team embodies a wealth of knowledge and a diverse range of experiences. 

MAI team members have pursued their education from prestigious institutions, setting a benchmark for the academic rigour we bring to our platform. What sets us apart is our real-world experience in facilitating M&A transactions, principal investments, and corporate finance advisory services in the PE and IB realms. 

The MAI team’s expansive experience isn’t limited to these areas. Some MAI team members have authored popular books on the practical aspects of ‘M&A transactions and PMI strategy’, and ‘corporate investment valuation’, sharing invaluable insights and equipping finance professionals with essential industry know-how.

Corporate Training Experiences

Beyond the confines of MAI, the MAI team has a longstanding history of delivering tailored training programmes to a plethora of corporate entities. We have had the privilege to deliver offline lectures on M&A practices and corporate valuation to large conglomerates and financial institutions. Some highlights include:

  • Offering M&A practical workshops for major tech conglomerates.
  • Conducting corporate valuation seminars for leading manufacturing enterprises.
  • Imparting specialised financial courses for top banking and financial institutions.
  • Leading sessions on venture evaluation for major automotive companies.
  • Designing and delivering business feasibility analyses for renowned corporations.

Our Promise to Learners

This collective pool of experience, knowledge, and dedication is what the MAI team bring to you at MAI. We believe that the most valuable learning comes from those who have walked the path, and at MAI, we are excited to walk that path with you.

Join us on this enriching journey of continuous learning and growth.

We are proud of the value we have delivered over the years and are ever-eager to assist our learners in their journeys with MAI.

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